Jellycat Lottie Bunny Ballet


Enter stage left! ONE SIZE - H11" X W4" Lottie Bunny Ballet is having a rest after doing her very best barre routine! This dainty dancer has long leafy ears, a gentle smile and beige-apricot fur. She wears a peachy knit cardigan, tied with a ribbon, and a floaty mesh...

Jellycat Etoile Mouse


A diddy dancer with great big dreams! ONE SIZE - H8" X W2" Dainty little Etoile Mouse is poised for practice. With sweet stitch lashes, satin shoes and a two-tone tutu of pink and white mesh, this mouse has swapped Camembert for cabriolé! A dainty star with petal-fold ears, a...

Jellycat Sweater French Bulldog Purple


Trust a Frenchie to bring the couture! Bonjour! Sweater French Bulldog Purple is rocking the dog park in their lavender rollneck. This blue-grey pup has sweet stocky legs, a rumpled muzzle and a perky short tail, and if they want to run amok, the sweater comes off! ONE SIZE -...

Jellycat Jolly Gingerbread Fred 23

from $26.00

A pinch of spice and a whole rack of style! Jolly Gingerbread Fred may have hopped straight out of the tin, but this guy's always looking smart! In soft golden biscuit fur with scalloped stitch icing, embroidered buttons and a red tartan bow, Fred is a forever festive friend! MEDIUM...

Jellycat Jolly Gingerbread Ruby

from $26.00

Make way for Ruby! Jolly Gingerbread Ruby can't wait for Christmas! She's all glammed up in a stitched icing dress and her cosy fur is baked to perfection. With embroidered lashes and a tartan hair bow, and biscuit arms aloft, Ruby shines! MEDIUM - H7" X W4" LARGE - H13"...

Jellycat Winter Warmer Pippa Black Labrador


We woof you a Merry Christmas! Winter Warmer Pippa Black Labrador is so excited for the winter season! This floppy-eared pup has hazel eyes, a fetching red bow and a fleece-trimmed hat. Pippa sits up keenly with her long tail behind her, chunky nose sniffing for Christmas dinner! ONE SIZE...

Jellycat Winter Warmer Otto Sausage Dog


Dachshund through the snow... Winter Warmer Otto Sausage Dog is setting new trends for holiday fashion! This floppy-eared pup wears a bold red hat-and-cape combo, with a fleecy trim and bobble pompom, which fastens on with a red ribbon tie. It goes so well with Otto's cocoa fur, splashed with...

Jellycat Merry Mouse Sleighing


Gliding through a winter wonderland! 7"