Jellycat Backpack Bunny


Anyone fancy a field trip? ONE SIZE - H9" X W4"

Jellycat ONYX Dragon

from $64.50

Onyx Dragon is a licorice lovely with a tubby tum of soft black fur. With sparkly ears, spine, wings and tail dart, this dreamy dragon glitters and shimmers!   Medium 20" Huge 29"  

Jellycat Remi Reindeer


Jingle bells and forest dells. Scrumbly-soft in toffee fur, Remi Reindeer is taking a break! A squishably soft and gentle friend, Remi has suedey dark chocolate antlers and a tufty, silky crème brulee ruff. Waggling those scruffly ears, this dandy deer loves to skip through the trees. MEDIUM - H10"...

Jellycat Birdling Puffin


We're lovin' this puffin! Birdling Puffin might look restful, but this little rascal is dreaming of fish! A podgy poppet in pebble and cream with a tufty tail and red suedey bill, this seabird is perfectly poised. Puffins love nothing more than to soar, then splash in the sea and...

Jellycat Birdling Wren


An upturned tail and a soaring song. ONE SIZE - H4" X W3"  

Jellycat Cozi Avocado


That’s a brrriliant bobble hat This avocado is ready to brave the cold weather, but with an added touch of style! Keeping his green furry head warm with a deep blue coloured bobble hat, the Amuseable Cozi Avocado Teal cannot wait to cuddle up to their new friend on those...

Jellycat Birdling Dove


All you need is dove. Peaceful and sweet, Birdling Dove is a super-soothing friend. Our divine little dove has fluffy cream fur, with a fuzzy fan tail and suedey grey beak. This dreamy, gentle, inquisitive pal likes to sit and watch the world go by. A calming companion for turbulent...

Jellycat Amuseable Mistletoe


Pucker up with these party poppets! Love cuddles and kisses? Amuseable Mistletoe is the cutest matchmaker! These suedey cream berries with cocoa cord booties sit on scrummy green leaves - they're always plotting how to make romance blossom! ONE SIZE - H9" X W9"