Jellycat Brambling Hedgehog Brambling Squirrel
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Jellycat Brambling Hedgehog Brambling Squirrel

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Jellycat Brambling Hedgehog

A real smoothie move!

Brambling Hedgehog has a special summer home - inside a juicy red raspberry! Deliciously squishy in stretchy lined scarlet, with pockets of softness and funky green leaves, it's just the spot for a butterscotch hoglet with a snuffly nose and soft cocoa spines!

ONE SIZE - H7" X W5"


Jellycat Brambling Squirrel

Such a sweet retreat. Everyone needs a secret hideout and Brambling Squirrel's is berry fine indeed! This gingery squirrel has found a blackberry just the right size to turn into a tree-house! With stretchy segments of plump bluey-purple, a cosy lining and fresh green leaves, it's ideal for a swishy-tailed scamp!

ONE SIZE - H7" X W5"