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Jellycat Festive Folly Assortment

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Festive Folly Christmas Tree

 fancy festive friend! ONE SIZE - H4" X W3"

Festive Folly Christmas Tree is a seriously squishy scamp! With yummy green fur, scalloped skirts, a squat beany base and a shimmering gold star, this conifer is growing strong! A delightful table decoration with a forest of wonderful stories to share!


Festive Folly Gingerbread Man ONE SIZE - H4" X W3"

Boulangerie couture!

Strutting about like a real Dapper Dan, it's Festive Folly Gingerbread Man! This stylish sweetie is baked to perfection with soft ginger fur and a squishy-squash head. Rocking a gorgeous red bow-tie with stitchy icing buttons and cuffs, this dandy guy is the spice of the party!


Festive Folly Snowman ONE SIZE - H4" X W4"

Free frosty hugs!

Festive Folly Snowman promises not to melt - even if you cuddle him very, very tight! This bobbly buddy is marshmallow-soft with cordy stick arms and a suedey carrot nose. With bold stitchy buttons, a ribbon bow-tie and drifts of winter mischief, this podgy poppet brings year-round magic.


Festive Folly Candy Cane ONE SIZE - H2" X W5"

Candy is dandy! 

Festive Folly Candy Cane is popping up to wish you Happy Holidays! Bright red and white with a sweet stitch trim, curly tip and cheeky grin, this colourful cane's got a real sugar rush! Pop in a stocking or place on the table for lots of funny festive frolics!