Jellycat Forestree Pine Forestree Lime
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Jellycat Forestree Pine Forestree Lime

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Forestree Lime It's good to feel the wind in your leaves! It's tiring work being a mighty tree, so Forestree Lime is taking a break! With a splendid cloudy hairdo of leaves, a squat cordy cocoa trunk and teeny root-feet, this quirky friend is tree-mendous! A beany bottom helps them sit up proudly and perch on the desk, worktop or bed.

ONE SIZE - H9" X W6"

 Forestree Pine A most affable evergreen!

The woodland jokester, Forestree Pine is a colourful conifer - whoops! We mean character. With a chubby chocolate cordy trunk, kicky feet and wee branch arms, this affable evergreen's naturally cuddly. But it's all about that awesome swirl of fabulous fluffy green leaves!