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Jellycat Jubjub Gookie Jubjub Yonnie Jubjub Bimmie

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Jellycat Jubjub Gookie ONE SIZE - H9" X W4" A strange new species! Jubjub Gookie has just woken up after a hundred-year sleep! Hailing from a distant jungle planet, this mossy, tufty, chunky chum proudly sports a sturdy, squishy nose and soft blue horn. Then there are those waggly, suedey legs and spiny, swishy tail. A loveably quirky cosmic character!
Jubjub Yonnie ONE SIZE - H9" X W6" Digging that space-dust style!  Jubjub Yonnie normally lives in a cavern on Pluto – this is their first visit to Earth! A scruffly, boggle-eyed goofball in bumblebee yellow, with green suedey spines and squishy toes, Yonnie is amazed by trees, flowers and big blue skies. Huggably hefty, and delightfully dorky!
Jubjub Bimmie ONE SIZE - H11" X W4" A marvellous moon buddy!Scampering straight from the lunar mountains, it's lively lavender Jubjub Bimmie! This wide-eyed wanderer has suedey pink feelers for probing our atmosphere, as well as matching soft spines. Bimmie is keen to meet new friends on new planets. Just look at those feet – made for low-gravity leaping!