Jellycat Juice Detox Energise Revive
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Jellycat Juice Detox Energise Revive

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Amuseable Juice Energise

Roll with the orange!

Amuseable Juice Energise is an excellent workout buddy! A gorgeous turmeric-golden bottle with a stitchy label and suedey hat and boots, this groovy smoothie makes a zingy cheerleader! A gorgeous gift for gym-bunny pals, and an excellent personal trainer!


Amuseable Juice Detox

Now that's a soft drink!

Make a clean and cuddly start with Amuseable Juice Detox! This fresh and funky fruity-green bottle has a suedey cap and matching booties. Wearing a stylish creamy label with a stitchy slice of lime, this citrussy silly is a fine fitness mascot!


Amuseable Juice Revive

Chill out with cherries.

When it's been a long day, curl up and cuddle with Amuseable Juice Revive. With a cute cream label embroidered with cherries and a deep purple suedey cap and booties, this blush-pink bottle is adorably soft. Perfect for post-jogging snuggles.


ONE SIZE - H7" X W3"