Jellycat Snow Dragon
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Jellycat Snow Dragon

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rom the distant mystical realm of constant winter, snow and ice, it's Snow the legendary fire-ice breathing Dragon that's ideal for play, display or both, by the British luxury soft toy company - Jellycat.

Snow Dragon who travels from our realm from his, only when the sky is white with snow and lays deep upon the ground, with falling curtains of snowflakes and shinning ice crystals form long sharp points from the roofs of our homes. He has been sewn from a luxurious talc-soft cream plush, that is rich and sumptuously dense with 'ragged' ears, spines all along his back, tail end and magnificent wings having a sense of 'winter' magic about them. His glossy black eyes hint too wisdom and aged old tales, with detailed nostrils completing his friendly and adoring appeal, whilst being part-bean filled gives him that satisfactory, squidgy soft feel. A gorgeously floppy and wonderfully tactile character who will win many a heart!

Made using all new materials, filled with polyester fibres and plastic pellets. Hand wash only.

Suitable from Birth, please always check the label
Little 10"
Medium 20"
Huge 29"