Pigeon Baby Bottle Mickey Mouse 240ml
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Pigeon Baby Bottle Mickey Mouse 240ml

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Pigeon breast feeling baby bottles (plastic) Mickey pattern 240 ml, MOM and I breasts from drinking and drinking in the same mouth movements or prior to installation. breasts with is easier to use, to assist a smooth breastfeeding bottle. 
Disney (Disney patterns) Mickey & Minnie mouse design! 

To support the breastfeeding baby bottles. 
Breastfeeding experience studying the movement of your mouth is baby drinking breast milk, made with nipples. 

-Hand easier to support, not rolling a bottle a gentle rounded. 

-Opening type, easy to wash and milk preparation 

-Lightweight, durable plastic (PPSU) 

-No coloring 

• Fit the baby baby 2 size (160 ml-240 ml). 
• Heat-resistant glass, and there are no bottles. 

Nipples is a 3 steps needed to better feeding movement can make. 
(Silicone nipples M size nipple) 

♦ step 1: chew on wax 
A wider diameter nipples lips PITA! and can adhere. 

♦ step 2: bring the milk in the movement of the tongue 
Soft resilient are the nipples, so natural, smooth tongue movement. 

♦ step three: swallow 
You can gently drinking hole sizes according to the baby's growth.