Jellycat Little Tiger


One day I'll be THIS big! ONE SIZE - H7" X W4" Little Tiger may be wee, but this cub is fierce with a mighty roar! (Well, more tumbly and growly.) With adorable tussly chocolate-orange fur, a long loop tail and a cute cream snoot, this stripey scamp has teeny...

Jellycat Amuseable Poinsettia 2023


Home for the holidays! Amuseable Poinsettia is a sophisticated holiday companion! This stylish plant is such a sweet gift, with red suedette petals stitched with gold freckles, deep green leaves and sturdy stalks, in a rounded gold velour pot filled with fluffy soil. ONE SIZE - H9" X W4"

Jellycat Alexis Anglefish


Finding a way to shine! ONE SIZE - H6" X W8" Alexis Anglerfish is wonderfully characterful in terracotta fur. Alexis comes from the deepest ocean – that's why they carry a cool suedette torch! With huge bobble eyes, stitched nose and mouth, and glorious golden segmented fins, this fish is...

Jellycat Amuseable Hot Chocolate


For cosy breaks and dreamy bedtimes. ONE SIZE - H7" X W4" Amuseable Hot Chocolate is a comforting mug of softness. With scarlet fur, embroidered stars and kicking cord boots, as well as fluffy cocoa, a quiff of cream and stitched chocolate sprinkles, this cup is a treat on chilly...

Jellycat Amuseable Nordic Spruce

from $37.00

Good for rocking around! Amuseable Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree has a jazzy hairdo in two-tone stripes! A funky alternative festive tree in a textured linen effect pot with a quirky hessian star on top, this tree does Christmas a little differently. SMALL - H11" X W5" LARGE - H18" X...

Jellycat Amuseable Cream Mistletoe 2023


What a festive bunch!

Jellycat Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna

from $35.00

Luna's over the moon to meet you! Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna is the dreamiest snow angel. This cloud-soft bunny has snow white fur, marshmallow paws and a glittery gold nose. A peaceful friend with long fold ears, Luna brings soothing Christmas cuddles. HUGE - H51 X W21 CM MEDIUM - H31...

Jellycat Amuseable Red Holly 2023


Woodland royalty! ONE SIZE - H6" X W7" This joyful gang of scarlet berries is gathered together with a cranberry bow and matching velour hanging loop. Rocking soft scalloped leaves with embroidered detailing, Amuseable Holly is far from prickly!