Jellycat Beebi Pig


Truffles and scruffles, and just a few snuffles! Pastel-pink and squishably squat, with short, smooth baby-friendly fur, Beebi Pig is hard to put down! With a fine stitchy snout, funny foldy ears and oh-so-soft vanilla trotters, this podgy piglet is a bundle of snuggles. ONE SIZE - H12" X W5"

Jellycat Beebi Pup


Drift off into doggy daydreams. Beebi Pup is simply mauve-llous in gentle purpley-mocha fur. With a creamy tummy, trumpet legs, floppy ears and a sleepy gaze, this chunky puppy gives such comforting cuddles. Cosy, calming and cute as can be. ONE SIZE - H12" X W5"

Jellycat Beebi Bear


Tedtime stories always welcome! Beebi Bear has super-smooth fur - perfect for sneezy tots! Yummy in toffee and caramel tones, this chunky chum has a tubby tum and squishy trumpet legs. With a sweet, sleepy smile, this bear loves bedtime, and lots of cosy cuddles. ONE SIZE - H12" X...

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin


More smiley than spooky! ONE SIZE - H6" X W5" Every day is Halloween with Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin! Roly-poly and splendidly stretchy, with soft orange fur and stitchy ruched segments, this perky pumpkin has a kooky curly stem. Patch-perfect!

Jellycat Chloe Clam


A beautifully bashful buddy. SMALL - H5" X W8"

Jellycat Sage Dragon


See Sage shimmer, soar and swoop! MEDIUM - H5" X W20" Doze and dream with sweet Sage Dragon. A curious cutie with waggle wings and minty-marvellous sparkle fur, this little legend has perky ears, squashy spines and a long, loopy tail. Dragons love stories, especially at bedtime, so spin some magical...

Jellycat Amuseable Avacado Soother


ONE SIZE - H13" X W13" A kooky, adorable gift for new babies, the Amuseable Avocado Soother is super-stretchy. Gorgeously green and mossy-soft, it features our fantastic avocado, smiling and showing that tickly tummy stone. Tots can snuggle, snooze and get their greens!

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Tomato


Join the greenhouse party! ONE SIZE - H3" X W8" The Vivacious Vegetable Tomato pals are a giggly gang hanging out in the sun! Plump and stretchy in orangey-red, this tomato trio sit on a soft green vine. With soft green leaves and smiley faces, they're the pick of the...